Posted in Events by Ilaria Tramonti on May 30th 2022
ReachCentrum's Data Brokerage Director, Stefano Pennese, will talk on June 21st about effective digital data sharing strategies at the ERM webinar: “Know your obligations for India’s Chemical Regulation and Effective Data Sharing strategies”.

India’s Chemical Management and Safety Rules (India REACH/ ICMR) is on the doorstep, so it is time to prepare to be compliant ahead of time to avoid last-minute hassles and potential business disruptions.

During this webinar key features of the draft ICMR, obligations and challenges ahead will be discussed. The speakers will explain how to integrate ICMR into existing product stewardship processes and how to leverage cost effective data sharing strategies.

Note: this event is only for Members of the SCIC. If your company or organization is interested in a webinar / workshop on a similar topic, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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