Email notifications not being sent

Posted in Information by Stefano Pennese on July 10th 2024
Dear Customers,

Recently, we have experienced some issues with regards to the delivery of e-mail notifications from ChemDataSharing.
These include those confirmations:
  • Confirmation of Customer Account Creation
  • Confirmation of Customer Account Approval (contains the Account code for logging in)
  • Confirmation of Order placed (contains the Pro-Forma invoice in PDF format)
  • Confirmation of Payment processed (contains the Tax invoice in PDF format)
What is not affected: the DLA and LoA sent for signature via Adobe Sign.

We are doing all we can to get these issues solved asap, to resume a normal service.
=> In the meantime, please contact in order to receive the missing information (in bold above).

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience,

The ChemDataSharing team