Handling Fees Update - 2022

Posted in Information by Stefano Pennese on November 28th 2022
Dear ChemDataSharing Customers,

This week, as every year on the first week of December, we will be updating our Handling Fees.
The new Handling Fees will be as such, starting December 1, 2022:

Tonnage Band
No Sub-licensing rights
With Sub-licensing rights
1 to 10 tpa € 250 € 2500
10 to 100 tpa € 450 € 4500
100 to 1000 tpa € 600 € 6000
> 1000 tpa € 850 € 8500

The yearly increase in Handling Fees is based on a few factors (increase of hosting fees, new features available, etc.).
However this year, additional factor comes into play: the inflation that both ReachCentrum, and our Suppliers, are facing.
As such, in order to keep providing a good level of service, we've had to increase the Fees slightly more than usual (+ 15% in average).

Nevertheless, these fees still represent a relatively small part of the Data Package prices (~1% to ~20%, depending on the substance and tonnage band), and as such do not impact the orverall price paid by our Customers.

We hope you understand this, as you have in the past, and remain open to any question on this topic, that you may have.

The ChemDataSharing team