Handling Fees Update - 2023

Posted in Information by Stefano Pennese on November 27th 2023
Dear ChemDataSharing Customers,

This week, as every year on the first week of December, we will be updating our Handling Fees.
The new Handling Fees will be as such, starting December 1, 2023, until November 30 2024:

Tonnage Band
No Sub-licensing rights
With Sub-licensing rights
1 to 10 tpa € 275 € 2750
10 to 100 tpa € 475 € 4750
100 to 1000 tpa € 625 € 6250
> 1000 tpa € 900 € 9000

The yearly increase in Handling Fees is based on a few factors (increase of hosting fees, new features available, etc.).

This year, we have not faced a spike in Inflation, which allows us to make marginal changes to the Handling Fees (6% increase in average, compared to 15% last year)
Once again, the Handling Fee is meant to cover our Operational costs, and we aim to keep them as low as operationally possible, so the ratio [Fees] / [Studies price] remains reasonable over time.

We hope you understand this, as you have in the past, and remain open to any question on this topic, that you may have.

The ChemDataSharing team