Post-Brexit Options for UK Chemicals Law

Posted in Information by Francesca Furlan on April 22nd 2020
On April 21st 2020 ERM partners Jo Lloyd and Linda-Jean Cockcroft actively contributed to the virtual event organized by Chemical Watch on “Post-Brexit Options for UK Chemicals Law”, by sharing their expertise and vision during the panel discussion on data rights management after Brexit.
The virtual workshop welcomed government officials, NGOs, and industry representatives to discuss the future of chemicals regulation in the UK, post-Brexit, and the impact on industry.
Following  the UK's decision to leave the European Union, debate continues and many regulatory professionals are unsure of the tangible consequences of Brexit, and the steps they may need to take to prepare. Developments relating to the chemicals industry are moving quickly, and it’s now more important than ever for organisations operating within the chemicals industry and product safety professionals managing chemicals to fully understand the implications for the sector, given the widespread impact Brexit is likely to have in the months and years to come. Data management is one of those implications.
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