Posted in News by Ilaria Tramonti on May 11th 2022
We have the pleasure of telling you that we’ve finally added end-to-end electronic signatures in the DLA and LOA process!
In practice, this means that the Order Notification you’ll get after your purchase will contain only the Pro-Forma invoice, whilst the signatures will flow directly to the Signers (Buyer or Grantee when their e-mail is provided). The new process allows us to gain efficiencies and time-saving through a streamlined signature flow, which is beneficial for all parties involved!
You will soon find more information about the process, on our FAQ page
In summary:
What Changes:
  • The Order Confirmation e-mail is slightly changed and only contains one attachment: the Pro-Forma invoice
  • The DLA document is sent separately via Adobe Sign, to the appropriate parties for signature:
    • The Grantee (if their e-mail address was provided or they are the Buyer)
    • The Consultancy who made the purchase on the platform. They can later forward the document to the Grantee in Adobe sign if relevant (just forwarding the e-mail notification will not work).
What stays the same:
  • The Ordering steps on the platform (Select Packages - > Basket -> Order confirmation)
  • Payment of the Pro-Forma invoice and Signature of the DLA are prerequisites for receiving LoA and data.
New Process for DLA documents:

New Process for LoA documents: