New year message and Survey

Posted in News by Stefano Pennese on January 27th 2022
Dear ChemDataSharing customers,

On behalf of the ChemDataSharing Team, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2022.

Last year brought its fair share of challenges of course, but with good collaboration and communication, we managed to make the best of these tough times.

So we wanted to thank all of our Customers, you for the role they play in ensuring a smooth process for Data Sharing, for all the good benefits this brings.

But now let's look to 2022 and beyond - we have great ambitions for where we want to take the platform, and in order to ensure we capture the needs of our Customers, we would like to get your opinion on this

Therefore, when you have time, and before February 18, we would be grateful if you could please fill-in this Survey: ChemDataSharing - Customer Feedback Survey for Data Applicants

Thanks very much in advance.

On behalf of the whole team, once again, thanks for your trust and collaboration, and best wishes for 2022 !

Stefano Pennese