Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last Update: 1-May-2024

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Account Creation

  • Question: Why create an account on the ChemDataSharing Platform?
  • Answer: This is required in order to be able to purchase data for a specific regulation. Creating an account will enable you to see prices and order a bundle to fulfil your regulatory purpose.
  • Question: Who can create an account on ChemDataSharing ?
  • Answer: Any company (legal entity) or Consultancy representing a Company (legal entity) that is looking to purchase access to data to fulfil a regulatory purpose.
  • Question: How can I create an account on ChemDataSharing ?
  • Answer: This is relatively simple, just click on Login / Register and go through the required steps:

Important: The Company that creates the account is the Company that pays the invoice for the Order.

  • Therefore, please ensure you create an account for the legal entity that will pay the invoice (billing details).
  • If your company has a VAT registered, please add it.

Fill-in the fields in the form:

In the next section, you need to select the Legislation(s) for which you will purchase data:

Then fill-in the details of the person responsible for the account.

  • You will be able to create Sub-accounts for other members of your company/consultancy, just follow the steps related to this

Once you are done, finish the process by clicking on the Create Account button.

You will receive a notification, and the next step is to wait for your account to be validated by a ChemDataSharing Administrator.

  • If you do not receive an e-mail (either with an acceptance or a decline) within one week, please let us know at

Question: Can we have multiple accounts for one company?

Answer: No, each legal entity should have one account. However, any of your Company's employees who would like access to the account can create a Sub-Account. Just follow these steps:

  • Follow the steps of how to create an account, and make sure you use the same Legal Entity Name as the one used for the main account:

  • Follow with the person who will be responsible for this Sub-account, and wait for the Sub-account to be validated by an Administrator of ChemDataSharing platform.

Account Management

As mentioned above, there are two types of accounts you create on ChemDataSharing: Main Account, and Sub-Accounts.

Both account types can place Orders for Data Packages, but it is important to note that there are a few differences in how those Orders are then managed, as you can see in the tables below.

Order placed from Main account:

Main Account Sub-account
Order history Order history visible in "My Orders" page Order history visible in "My Orders" page
Cancellation of order Possible N/A
Pro-forma invoice Receives by email N/A
Data License Agreement Receives via Adobe Sign N/A

Order placed from Sub-account:

Main Account Sub-account
Order history Order history visible in "My Orders" page Order history visible in "My Orders" page
Cancellation of order N/A Possible
Pro-forma invoice N/A Receives by email
Data License Agreement Receives via Adobe Sign Receives via Adobe Sign

Please note that not all the orders are manageable in the Main account, and each order should be managed by each account.

Also, if you need to modify your accounts (cancel existing account, etc.), please contact the ChemDataSharing team:

Adding new Sub-Accounts

You can create sub-accounts from your main Customer account, without further approval from the ChemDataSharing team.

In order to do this, you can simply go to My Account > Subaccount and then click on Add a new subaccount.

Please input your details and Save the account information. Then you will be able to see approved sub-accounts.


Question: How do I order and how to do I add the company that will register in my specific regulation?

Answer: First, you will have to log into your account (click on Login / Register ), then look for the substance you are interested in, and the bundle related to your tonnage band needs.

Once done, click on the Add to Basket button just underneath the bundle you want to purchase.

At that stage, you can open the basket that can be found next to your account on the top right corner of the screen. After reviewing the contents of the basket, if you are ready to proceed, just click on Checkout Now.

You will then be able to see the following screen, on which you must click on Process Order to progress with the the Order Process.

Note: the Pay By Card Option that we had in the past, will not be made available again until further notice).

On the next screen, you can add a Grantee, or select one from a list of from existing ones (taken from your previous orders). You can also add a custom reference, if relevant for your internal purposes.

Note: the Grantee is the company that will be registering the substance under a specific regulation. This Company may or may not be the same as the Account company that is placing the order and paying the invoice. Therefore, please be careful and add the correct details under the Grantee. For instance, if your Legal Entity is the same as that of the Grantee, please simply choose Main Account as a Grantee.

After selecting the Grantee, and ticking the box to acknowledge the Terms and Conditions, you can press on Confirm Order

When the processing is complete, you will receive an e-mail confirming the order, along with 1 attachment:

  • a Pro Forma Invoice: please pay the amount written on the Pro-Forma invoice.

In parallel, you will receive, through Adobe Sign:

Once both DLA and payment are received by ReachCentrum, you will receive a VAT Invoice (as proof of payment), a signed Letter of Access (LoA), and the counter-signed DLA (through Adobe Sign).

In summary:

Option 1: Consultant/OR Makes the Purchase Option 2: Importer makes the Purchase directly
Buyer: Consultant / OR Registrant / Importer
Grantee: Registrant / Importer N/A

Options Option 1: Consultant / OR Makes the Purchase Option 2: Importer makes the Purchase directly
Stakeholder Consultant / OR Registrant / Importer Consultant / OR Registrant / Importer
Creates account (if not yet done) Yes No No Yes
Makes the order on CDS Platform Yes No No Yes
Adds Grantee to the Order Yes No No Yes
Pays the Pro-Forma Invoice Yes No No Yes
Signs the DLA No Yes No Yes
Gets reimbursed for data order by Importer Yes No N/A N/A

Placing Orders for multiple Grantees

In some cases, Users may want to purchase a specific Data Package for multiple Grantees. For example, a Consultancy A may need to purchase Data Packages of the Substance Urea (57-13-6) for different Registrants X, Y and Z.

This can be done relatively easily. The steps presented in Ordering still apply, but there are a few differences:

  1. Create the new Grantees in the "My Account" page:
    • Open the "Grantee Details" tab
    • Click on New Grantee
    • Fill-in all the fields
    • Click on Save Details
    • Note: this step can also be performed during the Order Process, but the Orders are subject to a timeout, so if you have many Grantees, adding them in "My Account" is recommended.
  2. Add the Data Package(s) to the basket, as many times as needed (you will see the number next to the trolley, increment accordingly):
  3. When you have added the Data Packages you needed, click on the Basket, then on the Checkout Now button:
  4. Verify the number of packages ordered:

    • If needed, you can change the number of items:
      1. type in the number of items you need
      2. click on Update. The number displayed will then refresh, as well as the calculated Handling Fee.

  5. When you have ensured that you have the right amount of Data Packages, please click on Process Order
  6. Add the Grantee for each Data Package, as well as the Order Reference (recommended for easier monitoring).
  7. Confirm the purchase, as per the usual process.

Once the "Batch Order" is placed, each of the lines in Step 5 above creates one Order on the CDS platform, and hence you will receive:

  • One e-mail per Data Package / Grantee, containing:
    • a Pro-Forma Invoice, for the specific Grantee: please pay the amount written on the Pro-Forma invoice.

In parallel, you will receive, through Adobe Sign:

  • The Data License Agreement (DLA), with the information of that specific Grantee: please review and sign this document, then send it to (see this section for more details: Signing the DLA)
  • Once both are received by ReachCentrum, you will receive a VAT Invoice (as proof of payment), a signed Letter of Access (LoA) and the counter-signed DLA (through Adobe Sign).

    Order Management

    Question: Where can I see the previous orders I made, and can I cancel them? Answer: In order to verify your orders (past or current) you just need to Go To Your Account, by clicking on the top right icon:
    Then you can go to the My Orders tab:

    Once here, you can review your past Orders, your current unpaid Orders, and even cancel an Order if is not paid yet.
    Note: you can cancel an order only if it is still unpaid. For Orders that have been paid already, please contact us on and we will review the situation.

    Password Recovery

    • Click on Login / Register:
    • Click on Forgotten your password
    • Click on the link in the received email to the email address you have submitted your account with:
    • Reset your password.

Signing the Data License Agreement

For your information: ReachCentrum is using Adobe Sign digital signing tool to sign all the documents related to ChemDataSharing.

Since we have added end-to-end electronic signatures in the DLA and LOA process, the Order Notification you will get after your purchase will contain only the Pro-Forma invoice, whilst the signatures will flow directly to the Signers (Buyer or Grantee when their e-mail is provided).

DLA e-signature process

New Process for LoA documents:

LoA e-signature process

  • Should you need to forward the document to the Grantee (or another person), then you can do so directly in Adobe Sign:
    • Options > Delegate Signing to another
    • Enter E-mail Address and optional message
    • Click on Delegate

DLA document

  • Question: How to properly sign the Data License Agreement (DLA) ?
  • Answer: The below are requirements for the signature of the Grantee:
    • The document should be signed wet ink and scanned or using an official digital signature tool (DocuSign, Adobe Sign, etc.) Meaning that we can not accept stamps instead of signatures and we can not accept signatures that are typed in as per below example:
    • We can not accept documents with missing pages, for example if we receive signature page only we will come back to you to provide us with the full document.
    • We can not accept documents with pages inserted from other documents.
    • Annex 1 – Letter of Access should not be signed by the Grantee.

For your information : ReachCentrum is using the Adobe Sign digital signing tool to sign all the documents.

RSS subscription - Quick guide

  1. Open your Outlook

  2. Locate the folder called "RSS Subscriptions"

  3. Right-click on the mentioned folder

  4. Click on "Add a New RSS Feed"
  5. Insert one of the following links according to your interests:

    • News on the ChemDataSharing Platform's products (you will receive an email whenever a new data package is uploaded on the platform):
      Products RSS XML
    • News on ChemDataSharing Team's updates (you will receive an email whenever the CDS team adds a new feature, a new FAQ section or an interesting event is organized):
      Blog RSS XML
    • News on the CDS website content:
      Content RSS XML
  6. Click on "Add"

  7. You can rename the new folders' names to your liking.
  8. If you are interested in receiving news from different links, after creating the first RSS, please repeat the same steps modifying the link you will insert, and eventually renaming the new folder differently.

Guidance to Lead Registrants for data shared without sublicensing rights

Steps to receive the right to refer to data via Letter of Access and RSS data package:

  1. Place the order on ChemDataSharing platform.
    Ensure you tick the Lead Registrant checkbox upon ordering (i.e. to flag us to send you the RSS, mainly).
  2. Please provide us with the:
    • Signed Data License Agreement (through Adobe Sign preferably)
    • Signed Self-Certification form
    • Payment
  3. Receive the:
    • Counter-signed Data License Agreement
    • Signed Letter of Access
    • Robust Study Summaries (RSS) data package (if requested).
  4. Proceed with the registration in your jurisdiction.

    Advice to provide your co-registrants: When you are approached by potential co-registrants interested in joining the registration, you should:
    • Refer them to the ChemDataSharing platform to place the order and receive the Letter of Access to the data. E.g. simply send them the link to the Data Packages you purchased.
    • Co-registrants will have to go through the same process as the LR, as mentioned above.
    • If a co-registrant approaches you confirming that they have received the LoA from ReachCentrum, you should ask them to provide you with the signed LOA
    • Then you can including them to the registration.
    • You can also contact us at to verify that the payment has indeed been received and the LoA has been provided.