Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Account Creation

  • Question: Why create an account on the ChemDataSharing Platform?
  • Answer: This is required in order to be able to purchase data for a specific regulation. Creating an account will enable you to see prices and order a bundle to fulfil your regulatory purpose.
  • Question: Who can create an account on ChemDataSharing ?
  • Answer: Any company (legal entity) or Consultancy representing a Company (legal entity) that is looking to purchase access to data to fulfil a regulatory purpose.
  • Question: How can I create an account on ChemDataSharing ?
  • Answer: This is relatively simple, just click on Login / Register and go through the required steps:

Important: The Company that creates the account is the Company that pays the invoice for the Order.

  • Therefore, please ensure you create an account for the legal entity that will pay the invoice (billing details).
  • If your company has a VAT registered, please add it.

Fill-in the fields in the form:

In the next section, you need to select Legislation(s) for which you will purchase data:

Then fill-in the details of the person responsible for the account.

  • You will be able to create Sub-accounts for other members of your company/consultancy, just follow the steps related to this

Once you are done, finish the process by clicking on the Create Account button.

You will receive a notification, and the next step is to wait for your account to be validated by a ChemDataSharing Administrator.

  • If you do not receive an e-mail (either with an acceptance or a decline) within one week, please let us know at

Question: Can we have multiple accounts for one company?

Answer: No, each legal entity will have one account. However, any of your Company's employees who would like access to the account can create a sub-account. Just follow these steps:

  • Follow the steps of how to create an account, and make sure you use the same Legal Entity Name as the one used for the main account:

  • Follow with the person who will be responsible for this Sub-account, and wait for the Sub-account to be validated by an Administrator of ChemDataSharing platform.


Question: How do I order and how to do I add the company that will register in my specific regulation?

Answer: First, you will have to log into your account (click on Login / Register ), then look for the substance you are interested in, and the bundle related to your tonnage band needs.

Once done, click on the Add to Basket button just underneath the bundle you want to purchase.

At that stage, you can open the basket that can be found next to your account on the top right corner of the screen. After reviewing the contents of the basket, if you are ready to proceed, just click on Checkout Now.

You will then be able to see the following screen, on which you must select the adequate payment method (either Pay By Card, for amounts below €5'000, or Pay By Bank Transfer)

On the next screen, you can add a Grantee, or select one from a list of from existing ones (taken from your previous orders). You can also add a custom reference, if relevant for your internal purposes.

Note: the Grantee is the company that will be registering the substance under a specific regulation. This Company may or may not be the same as the Account company that is placing the order and paying the invoice. Therefore, please be careful and add the correct details under the Grantee. For instance, if your Legal Entity is the same as that of the Grantee, please simply choose Main Account as a Grantee.

After selecting the Grantee, and ticking the box to acknowledge the Terms and Conditions, you can press on Make payment

When the processing is complete, you will receive an e-mail confirming the order, along with 2 attachments:

  • a Data License Agreement: please review and sign this document, then send it to
  • a Pro Forma Invoice: please pay the amount written on the Pro-Forma invoice.

Once both are received by ReachCentrum, you will receive an VAT Invoice (as proof of payment) and a Letter of Access.

Important: You can create multiple Grantees, but you may only purchase for one specific Grantee at a time (i.e. Legal Entities that will register under a specific regulation).

Therefore, if you manage an account that is paying for 15 different Grantees, you will need to place 15 separate orders, one for each of these Grantees, separately.

In summary:

Option 1: Consultant/OR Makes the Purchase Option 2: Importer makes the Purchase directly
Buyer: Consultant / OR Registrant / Importer
Grantee: Registrant / Importer N/A

Options Option 1: Consultant / OR Makes the Purchase Option 2: Importer makes the Purchase directly
Stakeholder Consultant / OR Registrant / Importer Consultant / OR Registrant / Importer
Creates account (if not yet done) Yes No No Yes
Makes the order on CDS Platform Yes No No Yes
Adds Grantee to the Order Yes No No Yes
Pays the Pro-Forma Invoice Yes No No Yes
Signs the DLA No Yes No Yes
Gets reimbursed for data order by Importer Yes No N/A N/A

Order Management

Question: Where can I see the previous orders I made, and can I cancel them?

Answer: In order to verify your orders (past or current) you just need to Go To Your Account, by clicking on the top right icon:

Then you just go to the My Orders tab:

Once here, you can review your past Orders, your current unpaid Orders, and even cancel an Order if is not paid yet.

Note: you can cancel an order only if it is still unpaid. For Orders that have been paid already, please contact us on and we will review the situation.