Substance List

Dear ChemDataSharing Customer.

If you would like to look for substances that we have currently on ChemDataSharing, and compare it against a list of substances that you (opr your Clients) are interested in purchase data for, please use the Excel file below.

You can hence:

  • Download it
  • Add the identifier(s) substance(s) you are interested in (adding the "CAS " or "EC " as a prefix, depending on the case)
  • Select the legislation(s)
  • Check the ones which we currently have on the Platform, as well as the URL where you can find them.
    • Some of them may be fully Set-up (i.e. with Data Packages ready to buy)
    • Others are simply Initially Set-up (i.e., without a study list, and cannot be purchased).
      • In such a case, please let us know via the Contact Form, or by e-mail, which substances you are interested in purchasing a Data Package for, and we'll let you know when it is ready.

Please give us your feedback on this new feature, by e-mail or via the Contact Form.

We will update this list on a monthly basis, and also add other information (Initial VS Full Set-up, Data Package Prices, etc.).

The ChemDataSharing Team